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Bro. Wes Muhammad

President, CEO

"I am enjoying  serving in the capacity of CEO, as a part of bettering our revitalized community.” 


It's exciting to offer the opportunity to become a member of the Historic Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce LV (w5ccLv).


We are seeking those active to member-up as we open our doors.  We will spotlight our members in the fastest growing area of the Historic Las Vegas. We seek those interested in the business of the community and revitalization of Historic Westside, come join and be a part of rededication and commitment to the growth and successes that we all see coming.

W5ccLv will seek to connect, highlight, and spotlight our members so collaborations can lead to contacts, tools, and resources your business might need to excel by being a member. 


Be a part of an organization that not only is membership, but, also seeks to be an asset in the overall health, education, and re-development of our community.


Our members and your membership could lead to your support with business development resources. 

Help your business or start-up grow within the community we serve.  Our networking events could expand your influence to build client's trust.

No upcoming events at the moment

Grow Your Vision


Historic Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce will seek to provide access to valuable resources, discounts, and relationships through memberships that help businesses save money and market their products or services


The goal of Historic Ward 5 Chamber is to help members to further the interests of their small businesses in our revitalized area. W5ccLv activities can range from hosting events, to lobbying local representatives to charitable works for the betterment of the community.



Our Historic Ward 5 Chamber will take a lead in re-shaping powerful community visions preparing for the revitalization.  

We seek in our vision –stimulating dialogue, to build a balanced community with an equal emphasis on quality of life and quality of business.

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